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utah state today shares prof. soukhakian’s recent projects

Aug 24, 2023

From Utah State Today:

Fazilat Soukhakian began her photography career in Iran, where she was one of very few women in photojournalism in the country. In that role, she often found herself in the middle of on-going political and social issues and change. Through those collective experiences, she discovered how photography could be a powerful storytelling medium.

After moving to the United States in 2011, she has since continued her work as a visual storyteller. According to a bio on her website, her work focuses on “depicting the stories of bravery and strength of those marginalized by society, highlighting the act of overcoming struggle and inspiring others.”

In this video, she breaks down three of her most recent projects: “Defiance,” “Queer in Utah,” and “Now… I Let Go.”

“Defiance” is an ongoing work that examines individuals who symbolize resistance in various forms, from pushing back on cultural norms to fighting for environmental protections.

“Queer in Utah” showcases LGBT+ couples in Utah who struggle against discrimination and suppression because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

“Now … I Let Go” is a completed project that highlights everyday objects and their sentimental value after losing a loved one, whether that be through a memory, a moment or a story.

For more information on these projects, and the artist, visit:

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