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bfa senior lele bonizzi opens projects gallery exhibition with recent SARG project work

Sept 18, 2023

Lele Bonizzi, "Ānanda Mārga through the Lens of Malta: a Photographic Exploration," USU Projects Gallery exhibition
Lele Bonizzi, Ānanda Mārga through the Lens of Malta: a Photographic Exploration, USU Projects Gallery

This summer, Photo BFA senior Lele Bonizzi was awarded a Summer Arts Research Grant to travel to Malta and explore how photography might engage with and promote social mobility, bring visibility to non-profit organizations, and embody USU’s Think-Care-Act values. In Malta Bonizzi worked with several aid organizations including Centru Tbexbix, a non-profit that works with local children and incorporates the principles of Ānanda Mārga, a philosophy that promotes social equality through practices of humanitarian service. In just four weeks’ time, Bonizzi made over 10,000 photographs and has seen their work used by Centru Tbexbix, as well as organizations including the Malta SPCA, and SPARK15.

Bonizzi presented their SARG project at the 2023 USU Caine College of the Arts Faculty Retreat, the annual fall CCA Department of Art + Design Undergraduate Assembly, and created a solo exhibition, “Ānanda Mārga through the Lens of Malta: a Photographic Exploration,” featuring 65 images at the USU Projects Gallery. The exhibition runs Sept. 18-29. 

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